The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose is a gourmet selection of new music from all genres. With The Daily Dose we hope to expand your musical horizons by bringing you the best new music on a daily basis.

  1. 2014 EP by Deorro

    Stopping Us By Deorro

    “Stopping Us” is the first single off of Deorro’s 2014 Electronic EP entitled ‘Boombox’ released on Ultra Records.

  2. 2014 song from the hip hop artist Run the Jewels

    Blockbuster Night Part 1 by Run The Jewels

    “Blockbuster Night Part 1″ is a track by the American hip hop duo Run the Jewels. The song is off of their 2014 album ‘Run The Jewels 2.”

  3. 2014 EP from Hands Like Houses

    recollect (Shapeshifters) by Hands Like Houses

    “Recollect (Shapeshifter)” is a brand new track from the Post-Hardcore artist Hands Like Houses. The song is on their new ‘reimagine EP’ released on Rise Records.

  4. 2014 album from the band Meridian

    Everything That Kept Me Moving by Meridian

    “Everything That Kept Me Moving” is a brand new track from the Alternative Hardcore band Meridian. The song is off of their 2014 album ‘The Awful Truth’ released via Victory Records.

  5. EP from the hip hop artist Atmosphere

    Sunshine by Atmosphere

    “Sunshine” is a song from the Minneapolis hip hop group Atmosphere. The song is featured on their 2007 EP ‘Sad Clown, Bad Summer #9′ on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

  6. Captors

    Slaves by Wolves at the Gate

    “Slaves” by Wolves at the Gate is an older song off of their album ‘Captors.’ This album was released on July 3, 2012 backed by the Solid State Records.

  7. 2012 album from the band Vajra

    Inside the Flames by Vajra

    “Inside the Flames” is a very interesting alternative and progressive track from the artist

  8. TKO - God King

    God King by TKO

    “God King” is a song from the Nebraskan rapper who goes by the name of TKO. The song is the title track for his upcoming mixtape also entitled ‘God King.’

  9. New song from the band Nickelback

    Edge of a Revolution by Nickelback

    “Edge of a Revolution” is a brand new track form the infamous Rock band Nickelback. The song comes from their upcoming album on a new label Republic Records.

  10. Song from the band Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

    AUTO by Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

    “AUTO” is a song from the Alternative band Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam. The song is from the groups five track EP entitled ‘Translucent/Cyan/Green Heavy Splatter.’

  11. Single by the artist WolfHawkJaguar

    BORDERLINE by WolfHawkJaguar

    “Borderline” is a brand new track from the Independent California artist WolfHawkJaguar. The song is from the ‘Search for the Everlasting Coconut Tree’ album.

  12. Album by the band The Crags

    Barrel Of A Gun by The Crags

    “Barrel Of A Gun” is a song from the five-piece rock band The Crags who hail from Geneva, Switzerland. The song is due out on their 2014 album ‘Universal Part of Love.’

  13. 2014 album by the artist Bear Arms

    Courage by Bear Arms

    “Courage” is a hard rock track from the band Bear Arms. The song is on their 2014 album ‘Strength and Conviction’ due out October 2014 on Struggletown Records.

  14. 2014 EP by Sam Hunt

    Leave The Night On by Sam Hunt

    “Leave the Night On” a song from the country artist Sam Hunt. The song comes from his 2014 EP entitled ‘X2C’ released on MCA Nashville.

  15. "It's over / Love and War" by RiiV

    Love and War/It’s Over by RiiV

    “Love and War/It’s Over” is a brand new track by the R&B artist RiiV. The song was released August 2014 on DPMG URBAN.

  16. 2014 Electronic song from Tom Tabouring

    Far Away by Tom Tabouring feat. Mike Sobel

    “Far Away” is a brand new Electronic track from the artists and producer Tom Tabouring. The song also features Mike Sobel.

  17. 2014 album by Memphis May Fire

    Beneath the Skin by Memphis May Fire

    “Beneath the Skin” is the latest song from the Metalcore band Memphis May Fire. The song comes from their 2014 album ‘Unconditional’ out on Rise Records.

  18. 2014 album from SycAmour

    We’re In Hell by SycAmour

    “We’re in Hell” is the second single off of SycAmour’s 2014 album entitled ‘Indulgence: A Saga Of Lights.’ The album is being released on Hopeless Records.