Cabin By The Sea by The Dirty Heads

Album by the band The Dirty Heads


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Label: Five Seven Music

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I didn’t find the opening track very appealing but luckily it was short and lead right into the title track ‘Cabin by the Sea’. The beat and rhythm are very nice. I love the lyrics; “If you find this bottle don’t sent help, send another bottle please.” This is just an all-around good song. The next track, ‘Spread Too Thin’ is the first single off the album and is just as good as the title track. I love when this song pops up on the radio because I can turn it up and really get into the lyrics.

‘Mongo Push’ features Rome of the band Sublime. This isn’t anything new because the last album had a few songs with him singing. The song has a bouncy beat and very rap style of lyrics; fast and quick. “Dance All Night’ is a cool song that I listened to a bunch of times. The Dirty Heads and Matisyahu go together like bread and butter. ‘Hipster’ and ‘Smoke Rings’ are songs that you should probably check out too.

‘Smoke Rings’ opens with a cool line from the 1969 movie Stan’s Sadist. It leads the way for some sweet lyrical action. Then we get a healthy dose of trumpet and a chorus that is fantastic. My favorite line from this song is, “This beat is a fucking toilet and I am the Shit.” I really enjoyed that part of the song.

‘Burn by Myself’ isn’t a bad track but it is guilty of being pretty average though I do like the guitars though. ‘Best of Us’ has lyrics that remind me of a few girls I know. There are some good song writing and a nice message in this track. Finally, we get to ‘Love Letters’ I think this is, arguably, the one of the best songs on the album. I guess they saved the best for last because I let a few people listen to this track and they liked it. I played it for a few girls and they thought it was pretty good too.

Then they bid us ‘Farewell’ and end the album with a cool melody that I wish kept going but, sadly, it had to end. It was a great way to end a very good album. The Dirty Heads impressed me with their debut album. Then they came in, slapped that album off the table, and impressed me again. I find it hard to say if this is an improvement but I know it is pretty damn good. The lyrics are great, the mood is great, and the instruments sound great.

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