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For a band that has had five albums and even one peaking at number 3 on the US music charts, Cold is not that known. If I ask anyone “Have you heard the new song from Cold?” the answer is always “who?” I have never met another person who can tell me what songs Cold sings or even know the band. I personally believe it is their rather generic band name. Cold. The band name just does not stick in your brain. Oh well, they have created some great music in the past so be sure to check out other albums.

To the review! This CD starts out with “Wicked World.” I don’t know where to start because this song opens up with a beat that gives me chills and then slaps you in the face with a heavy guitar and I just sit back in awe. Definitely a favorite for time to come. The next two songs are pure Cold. Everything I expected to hear. “Welcome2MyWorld” has a quirky beat that I really enjoy, “Emily” is slower but still full of goodness.

“Delivering the Saint” opens with a cool guitar beat I would love to learn then it just mellows out and I sit back and relax. “The Ballad of the Nameless” was good too. Then we hit “Dream On.” I made no connection with Aerosmith’s song and when I heard Cold’s cover of that tune. I was stricken silent. I think this is an epic version, they slowed it down but it still retains the same emotion from the original. Pure greatness and I love it. I once had the song on repeat and it somehow played for about thirty minutes before I changed that track. It is just that good.

So what are you waiting for go grab this album or get “Wicked World” and “Dream On” because they are two of my favorite songs. The cover song “Dream On” is only available on the deluxe version so spring for that one. You will not regret it.

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